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The Ultimate Liveaboard Packing List - divecampus

The Ultimate Liveaboard Packing List

Liveaboard season has begun and our excitement is kicking through the roof for the long awaited scuba diving trips. If this is your first liveaboard trip, we’ve got you covered with a no-fuss packing list that ensures you’re prepared for everything the deep blue sea has to offer! 

Liveaboard packing tips - DiveCampus

1. Dive Essentials (if you own one)

  • Dive Mask - Always a good idea to carry a spare for those unfortunate events of loosing the mask
  • Snorkel - Most people forget this as most advance divers ditch this while scuba diving, but can prove extremely helpful if your trip allows some great snorkelling options or offers great encounters of Whalesharks, Dolphins or Dugongs!
  • Fins  - Go for something that works best in medium to strong currents. 
  • Wetsuit/Drysuit - Depending on the water temperature. 3mm for tropical waters, 7mm for colder dives or your favourite rashies for summer dives. 
  • Dive Computer - This is an absolute must especially when you are doing multi-dives
  • BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) - Make sure you test this before your trip to ensure everything is working fine
  • Regulator - Make sure your regulator is serviced within last one year
  • Surface Marker Buoy - Again mandatory for most liveaboard trip
  • Dive Light - Minimum 2 dive lights are recommended on night dives and don't forget to pack extra batteries and chargers
  • Dive Knife or Cutting tool - These will come handy in and out of water
  • Underwater Camera/GoPro/Insta360 - Underwater camera game is getting better every year for beginners GoPro and Insta360 is enough to capture great footage
  • Save-a-Dive Kit - Extra O-rings, mask straps, fin straps, and any other small gear you might need.

To pack all this, you may need a well designed dive trolley bag, you can check them out here.

Liveaboard Packing Tips - DiveCampus

2. Clothing & Comfort

  • Swimwear - Pack 3-4 swimsuits/shorts. You’ll be living in them!
  • Casual Wear - Think comfort - 2 Shorts, 3 or 4 Tshirts or Shirts works for both men and women, while women can pack an extra Lightweight summer dress and/or sarongs
  • Warm Layers - A hoodie or light jacket for cooler evenings on deck
  • Flip-Flops/Deck Shoes - Easy to slip on and off most Liveaboards ask you to leave your slip-ons outside to keep the inside areas dry
  • Hat & Sunglasses - Protect yourself from the sun in style
  • Hiking Shoes - Only if your liveaboard itinerary includes land-based excursions

3. Toiletries & Personal Care 

  • Reef-Safe Sunscreen - Check out our previous blog on how you can ensure your sunscreen is safe for the reef. 
  • Lip Balm with SPF - This will be your best friend and in your pocket always
  • Moisturiser - Multi-day diving can leave your skin dry, this will be your saviour every night
  • Shampoo & Conditioner - Consider a leave-in conditioner before dives to avoid tangled hair
  • Personal Medications - Seasickness pills, ear drops, painkillers, and any prescription meds.
  • Feminine Products - Menstrual cup or your preferred products – marine toilets can be picky!

 4. Gadgets & Gizmos

  • Chargers & Extra Batteries - For all your electronic stuff including your toothbrush ;) 
  • Portable Power Bank - Carry at-least one wireless power bank for your phone (this will be your only saviour to charge your phone in case you have water damage)
  • Universal Adapter - You can easily buy these from any international airport

 5. Extras & Nice-to-Haves

  • Dry Bag - Keep your valuables safe and dry, comes in handy for land excursions too.
  • Microfiber Towel - While most liveaboard will provide towel and ponchos, note a bad idea to carry one of your own go for quick-drying options.
  • Books/E-Reader - While we prefer taking naps after our dives and those amazing meals, some love indulging into books.
  • Reusable Water Bottle - Most liveaboard and diving destinations have banned single use plastic so carrying these are a great idea.
  • Snacks - When you need a little taste of home between dives 
  • Travel Journal/Dive Log Book - For the ones who still like to keep paper record :)
  • Mesh Gear Bag - Keep your dive gear organized.

6. Documentation

  • Certification Card - If you have an eCard make sure to save a copy in your photo gallery for easy access
  • Dive Insurance - A must! Check for DAN or DiveAssure. DiveAssure also covers towards liveaboard cancellations
  • Travel Insurance - Dive Insurance covers only for your diving trip to have an all round cover best to have this in place too. 
  • Passport & Visas - Check expiration dates. 

7. Fun Extras

  • Deck of Cards/Board Games - Our favourite is Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza :)
  • Music Playlist - Download your favourite tunes so you can access them offline when you are out of coverage area
  • Binoculars - For spotting distant marine life or land.

Important Packing Tips 
  • Pack Light - Space on a liveaboard is limited so less space your your bags and belongings take the better
  • Stay Organised - Use packing cubes or reusable Ziplock bags for efficient use of space
  • Be Eco-Friendly - Avoid single-use plastics and bring reusable items.

With this list, you’re all set for a fun, stress-free, and unforgettable liveaboard adventure. Have anything more to add? Drop us your suggestions in comments and we will include it in. 

If this list got you excited, then join us on our next liveaboard trip to Egypt here.

 Happy diving!

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