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UAE Dive Sites - Our top picks! - divecampus

UAE Dive Sites - Our top picks!

Whether you are a newly certified diver or were certified for quite some time but hesitant to travel outside the country, we are sure you can’t wait to increase those dive counts. We at Dive Campus while on locked down (by choice), took the opportunity to explore few of UAE's +75 dive sites. And we've shortlisted our favorite ones so far (in no particular order) to match the taste and desires of different divers.

Reef dives – for the newly certified divers or advanced divers who enjoy long NDLs ;)
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Dibba Rock, Fujairah

Maximum Depth: 16metres

Best for: Clownfish, Turtles, Reef sharks,

Water Conditions: Mild Current, Thermoclines, up to 10-meter visibility


This is your place to be if you are looking for a relaxed diving experience that you and your buddy can enjoy at your own pace. It is easy to navigate as you can simply glide around the dive site using the rock as a reference to either on your left or right depending on where your boat dropped you off. Don’t forget to explore the gentle slope of the rock as even at the shallower depths you will find an abundance of marine species.


Sharm Rock, Fujairah

Maximum Depth: 12metres

Best for: Turtles, Arabian Boxfish, Pufferfish, Arabian Angelfish

Water Conditions: Mild Current, Thermoclines, up to 10-meter visibility


Here’s a tip - your best chance to see the turtles here is by snorkeling on the surface till you find them and then descent, that way you don’t use up your air and have a larger area to scan. This is our favorite dive site amongst all the neighboring reef dive sites simply because it has so much to offer. From beautiful table coral, moray eels, boxfish, pufferfish, stonefish, and if lucky, a group of Cuttlefish.


Hole in the Wall, Fujairah

Maximum Depth: 16metres

Best for: Pufferfish, Parrotfish, Triggerfish, Angelfish, Cuttlefish.

Water Conditions: Mild Current, up to 10-meter visibility


This dive site can get as exploratory as you can make it, with the interesting natural rock formations there are plenty of cracks and ceilings to explore. But first thing first, why ‘Hole in the Wall’ you ask? Well, this dive site is named after the 15m long, avg. 2m wide, and 1m height natural tunnel – a great way to put your buoyancy and trim to test! And for the perfectly buoyant divers don’t forget to point those torches up to the ceiling and explore the cervices you may just get lucky to catch few lobsters sneakily peeking back at you.


Moon Island, Dubai

Maximum Depth: 20m

Best for: Yellowfin Barracuda, Huge Sting Rays, Pipefish, Dolphins

Water Conditions: Turquoise blue clear water


If you wish to get away from all the other diving groups, tucked away 70 km from the mainland is this beautiful crescent-shaped man-made island which also serves as a beautiful dive site. Easy to navigate as you simply follow the island walls. Be sure to an eye on the sandy bottom as you will across multiple stingrays just chilling at the bottom. The resident school of yellowfin barracudas are a curious bunch and you may find them following you, make sure to not carry anything shiny. ;) If lucky, you can see dolphins jumping around at a distance during your surface interval or on your way to the dive site.

Wreck dives – for the ones who enjoy the sense of exploration and history
Moray Eel chilling at Car Cemetery 2, Fujairah, UAE ©DiveCampus

Inchcape 10, Fujairah

Maximum Depth: 24 meters

Best for: Moray Eels, Nudibranch, Groupers, Sting Ray, Wreck Penetration

Water Conditions: Low Visibility, Mild Current


Originally known as Jetwise, sitting upright with the bow facing the north, this is the largest shipwreck in Fujairah. Sunk on purpose in 2003 to produce an artificial reef, this wreck is now home to beautifully tall violet and green gorgonian corals and some amazing marine species. This site is a paradise for macro-photographers as you can go home with some beautiful shots of nudibranch and glass shrimps. And for all you wreck specialty certified divers, there are two rooms you can penetrate on the bow side.


Zainab, Dubai

Maximum Depth: 30 meters

Best for: Wreck lovers, Yellowfin Barracudas, Groupers

Water Conditions: Low Visibility, Mild Current


Originally known as The Seasroun Five, built-in 1969, this ship once a transporter of oil sank 20 years ago off the coast of Dubai. This ship was caught in an interception which led to her unfortunate sinking spilling over 500 metric tons of its 1,300-ton cargo. The vessel now lays 30 meters deep and is a site for advanced-level divers. Several species of fish including groupers, yellowfin barracudas, batfish and snappers can be spotted especially when the visibility is better. It’s good to have a guide along so you can see the remains of the oil trapped on the ceiling and the small lifeboat and fire hose on the seafloor towards the stern.


Car Cemetery 2, Fujairah

Maximum Depth: 20m

Best for: Nudibranch, Cuttlefish, Electric Ray, Resident huge Pufferfish, Lobsters

Water Conditions: 3-5 meter visibility


These cars and trucks were intentionally submerged in 1988 giving the unwanted vehicles a new purpose in life. After over 32 years underwater, the wrecked vehicles are now home to red, blue, purple, and orange corals, a variety of fishes, and other creatures like nudibranch and sea slugs. Perfect spot for a night dive as this site comes alive with more species that may miss during daylight


Deep/Tech Dives – For those who like to push the limits
Diver at Pirate Wreck, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE ©DiveCampus

Pirate Wreck, Ras Al Khaimah

Maximum Depth: 44m

Best for: Mysterious, Exploratory feeling

Water Conditions: Low visibility, Low sunlight (Carry a spare torch!)


This by far has to be the most beautiful wreck in the UAE. It’s an almost well-preserved deep-sea dhow, a traditional Arabic sailing vessel, and was discovered by fluke by a resident scuba diver in an attempt to recover a fishing cage net for his fisherman friend. No one knows when or how this massive dhow sank but we found some Emeron shampoo sachets (a Malaysian brand) with a 2005 expiry. And there is a huge cavity on the stern side almost as if that caused the dhow to sink. It’s the mysteriousness of the wreck and the strange remains you will find here that makes come us back here. As far as the name goes, that’s only cause there is a perfectly intact huge helm (steering wheel) welcoming you as you descent down the mooring line that looks like one from those pirate ships. Be sure to carry a spare computer, torches, mask as you can’t afford to run out of any of these at that depth.


Aaliya Wreck 2, Ras Al Khaimah

Maximum Depth: 37 meters

Best for: Large rooms for comfortable wreck penetration

Water Conditions: Low visibility, Medium-High Current


This 80 meters long wreck sitting at 37 meters deep is just one out of the three pieces of the whole vessel. It is said to be carrying bricks/concrete blocks but unfortunately sank between the shores of Oman and UAE due to overload almost 20 years back. Again, make sure you double-check on the spare computer, torches, and mask.


Well, that’s a wrap (for now). Tell us which dive site you would like us to cover next? Also, If you’d like to book any of these dives, be sure to reach us on Whatsapp 050 770 DIVE (3483).

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