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Halcyon Black Carbon Fiber Pro Blackplate With Harness

by Halcyon
Original price AED 1,950 - Original price AED 2,060
Original price
AED 1,950
AED 1,950 - AED 2,060
Current price AED 1,950
Size: Small
Material: With Aluminium Hardware

Eager to maintain the convenience you cherish in your diving setup while prioritizing a lightweight travel experience? Look no further than the Carbon Fiber Pro Backplate, the solution that offers the best of both worlds!

The standard-sized Carbon Fiber Pro Backplate comes complete with a built-in Cinch™ system and single tank adapter, ensuring a streamlined and efficient setup. On the other hand, the small Carbon Fiber Pro backplate omits the built-in single tank adapter due to its compact size, making room for greater flexibility. To create a lightweight system, we recommend pairing the Carbon Fiber STA with this plate, offering a customized and travel-friendly option.

Choose the Carbon Fiber Pro Backplate as a standalone item or opt for it as an addition to the Adventurer™ or Element™ BC Systems, providing you with versatile choices for your diving adventures.

  • 0.54 KG / 1.2 LB (standard size)
  • 30.48 CM (width at bottom) X 39.3 CM or 12 IN (width at bottom) X 15.5 IN (standard dimensions)
  • 0.45 KG / 1 LB (small size)
  • 26.67 CM (width at bottom) X 36.2 CM or 10.5 IN (width at bottom) X 14.25 IN (small dimensions)
  • Built in Cinch™ system and Single Tank Adapter, STA on the STANDARD Carbon Fiber Pro backplate
  • Built in Cinch™ system on the SMALL Carbon Fiber Pro backplate
  • Utility holes allow mating with MC Storage Pak to stow a variety of lift devices as well as the small Halcyon drysuit inflation kit
  • Carefully milled surfaces eliminate sharp edges

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